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What does “seizing the moment” mean in relation to business?

This is the ability to provide products or services to a specific client at a specific moment when he needs them. The world has been moving towards this goal since the beginning of the use of digital technologies, and in the post-digital age this is finally becoming possible. It is no longer enough to simply manufacture adaptable products or offer customized or on-demand services. People expect both. What used to be an advantage has become commonplace. To gain attention in a highly competitive environment, startups and companies must already have a new set of promising technologies that will be an important catalyst for change in every industry.

How can businesses continue to stay ahead of their time and competitors in such conditions? The most direct answer to this question can be formulated as follows: the era of smart business has come - the future of business processes, which is already here, but in which many are not yet very well oriented. This is a global phenomenon in the world economy that simply cannot be ignored. New forms of interaction between partners, algorithms, communication of process automation and interactivity, system artificial intelligence and much more. In short, the business of a new era. And an experienced guide in this new, exciting world - Edenlife Company.

EdenLife mining farm

Recently, due to the growing popularity and spread of various cryptocurrencies, primarily bitcoin, an accompanying term called "mining" is increasingly being used. In relation to cryptocurrencies, the term refers to a process involving the use of computer resources to process transactions of a payment system by creating new blocks, ensuring their security and generating new records in a common database. For these purposes, modern mining farms are used.

A mining farm is a number of computers or servers combined into one system and is necessary for the effective production of cryptocurrency: bitcoin, ether, etc. The cryptocurrency does not have a service center that is designed to regulate transactions and collect statistics, transactions with electronic currency are processed by a special algorithm , and the rest of the data is stored on devices that have access to the Internet: transfer history, wallet numbers, etc.

A fundamentally new way to make money on cryptocurrencies is investing in mining. And innovation is at the core of our business. In addition to all of the above areas of our activity, we also mine cryptocurrency on an industrial scale and for this we have created our own mining farm, which is constantly growing largely due to investments in Edenlife. We want everyone to be able to afford to earn on mining without the cost of equipment, configuration and maintenance of devices - we have already taken care of this, and also implemented the possibility of continuous online broadcasting of the work of our mining farm, which is available in the personal accounts of our clients in the mode 24/7. At the same time, we pay close attention to the safety and stability of the equipment: the conditions of keeping the devices meet all technical requirements and are under the vigilant control of our employees - qualified technicians and engineers.

About Edenlife
Edenlife is engaged in the selection, cooperation and investment in promising startups, as well as provides services in the field of strategic planning, business process management, unlocking the potential of assets and increasing business efficiency. One of the areas in which we invest is the exchange and cashing of different types of cryptocurrencies in different countries of the world. Our activity is based on the search and implementation of new approaches to the organization of work and management processes. We focus on innovation that brings immediate economic impact and contributes to the long-term development of the organization. We have developed innovative IT solutions that are based on modern methods of collecting and analyzing data and will help startups optimize management and reduce costs, see and realize new growth opportunities.

Edenlife History

January 2021
Development of a project idea, creation of a concept, search and creation of a team of like-minded people
March 2021
Funding of the first developments by private investors in the field of cryptocurrencies
June 2021
Purchase and setup of the first Bitcoin mining equipment. The beginning of bitcoin mining.
July 2021
Launch and close testing of the beta version of the cryptocurrency exchange for selling bitcoin.
August 2021
Launch of a trading platform and cryptocurrency exchanger. The start of the investment program.
We offer our clients

Edenlife mission

We operate on a global scale and are aware of our responsibility. Our identity is based on values such as objectivity and honesty, partnership and respect. Official business activities, official registration and the entire list of required documents are freely available. We are ready to become an experienced mentor for attracted startups and a reliable partner for private investors who want to become a part of a new era with great potential.
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Преимущества Edenlife

Drive projects and use our technology and knowledge to deliver significant value to businesses and communities around the world - now and in the future.
We have assembled a professional team with a wide range of competencies, specialized in industries and having deep sectoral experience and knowledge, which allows us to work on projects faster and better.
Our innovative
We always try to stay ahead of the development of the industry and offer the most modern solutions and technologies when, for the most part, they are little known.
We strive to offer products and services that are unmatched and unmatched in quality on the market. We find investment opportunities, manage risks and generate additional returns, for us and for our clients.
Constantly developing, we remain open to new - new points of view, new technologies, new challenges. We use every opportunity to provide our customers with the best solutions.
Our commitment
to the highest standards
Combined with our enthusiasm and initiative in everything we do, we strive to listen to customers and build long-term partnerships, with integrity and professionalism.
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Level 10, 40 Queens Drive,
Hutt Central, Lower Hutt, 5010, NZ
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