Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Обязательно к прочтению

Terms and Conditions

By using this site, you agree to these terms of use (hereinafter the "Rules"). Please read this document to the end. If you do not agree with these terms, you cannot use this site and must leave it immediately.
Any use of site materials is allowed only in accordance with these "Rules". The company reserves the right to make changes to this document at its discretion at any time without prior notice. If you visit our site, with or without a password, you automatically accept the current version of these "Rules", and also accept responsibility for the use of the site materials.
1.1. These "Rules' ' govern the procedure for cooperation and investment activities between Edenlife (hereinafter referred to as the Company) and users of the Company's website (hereinafter referred to as the Client). These rules are subject to full acceptance by the client when registering on the Company's Website. The Client and the Company (hereinafter referred to as the Parties) agree to support the full acceptance of these rules in the context of their actual pronunciation and the form set out below.

1.2. EDENLIFE is a legal entity registered in New Zealand under the name "EDENLIFE7 LIMITED'', with registration code 8209224, acting in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and carrying out activities to organize investment attraction and investment assistance by providing access to its website.

1.3. The Client of the Company can be any individual, capable citizen who has reached the age of 18, with whom the Company enters into an Investment Agreement.

1.4. All legal relations arising between the Company and the Client as a result of the "Investment Agreement" will be governed exclusively by these Rules and current legislation.

1.5. When registering on the Company's Website, the Client is obliged to indicate only correct, up-to-date information necessary for the correct registration procedure. Passing the registration process on the Company's website, as well as further cooperation, is a decision made by the Client voluntarily, without any external influence, coercion or threats.

1.6. The client has the right to register only one unique account on the Site. The uniqueness of an account is determined by a combination of username, email address and IP address and other identifiers that are used for identification by the system. To prevent fraudulent access to the unique account of third parties, the client agrees to use a complex of numbers, letters and symbols when creating a password to log into his account.

1.7. The client accepts and agrees that all information, including articles, videos, opinions (including third-party experts), published (or which may be published) on the site, should be considered only as a recommendation. Responsibility for the consequences of using it in practice lies solely with the Client.
2.1. The client transfers the investment funds to the Company. The moment of transfer the moment of transfer of investment funds to the accounts of the Company is considered.

2.2. The client guarantees that:

2.2.1. only he personally has access to his Personal Account and all login data belongs only to him;

2.2.2. he understands and accepts the risks of access to the account from the Personal cabinet by third parties and confirms the absence of claims in relation to Companies in the event of such accidental or unauthorized access;

2.2.3. the use of the Personal Account and the functionality of the site occurs on behalf of The client and in his interests. The client confirms that he does not carry out activities using the Site in the interests of third parties.

2.3. The client has the right to demand from the Company an early return of investment funds and termination of the contract, but only upon agreement with the Company. The investment funds are returned to the Client after 180 (one hundred and eighty) days from the moment the Company receives the Client's investment funds.

2.4. The client has the right to invite new members and involve them in cooperation with the Company by providing them with advertising materials of the Company, using their unique referral link and using other, but always and only legal, methods. For example, using Internet tools (messengers), as well as using legal methods of advertising and posting information about the company on the project resources, which include thematic forums, groups, social networks. Also, the Client has the right to use any other methods and actions that are aimed at promoting the project that are not subject to the prohibition enshrined in international law governing such activities on the Internet.

2.5. The client undertakes:

2.5.1 comply with the terms of the respective Investment the Agreement and the Rules of the Company;

2.5.2 provide reliable information about yourself, as well as additional information and documents for additional verification at the request of the Company:

2.5.3 not provide the possibility of using the Client's Personal Account to third parties;

2.5.4 provide the Company with up-to-date data necessary for keeping up-to-date information about the Client contained in the Personal Account, including, no later than 5 (five) calendar days, inform the Company about changes in their data provided during registration.

2.6. The company has the right to:

2.6.1. check the results of the Client identification procedure. If identification is not confirmed, the Company has the right to refuse to provide services to the Client by suspending or blocking access to the Personal Account or restricting the Client's access to all or part of the functionality of the company's website;

2.6.2. make a decision to suspend, restrict or terminate the Client's access to the site in case of detection of cases of illegal use (provision, distribution) of information, provision by the Client to the Company of inaccurate data received in the manner prescribed by clause 3.4.4. Agreement;

2.7. The Company is obliged to ensure that the Client can exercise control over the accrual of interest for the use of Investment funds by providing the Client with a monthly written report on the amount of accrued interest on investment funds.

2.8. The Company ensures the confidentiality of the personal data provided by the Client, as well as information about financial transactions. The data is stored in the Company's databases, including in the Client's personal account. The data provided by the Client or entered in the course of interaction with the client is not transferred to third parties under any circumstances. The company is not responsible for the safety of the data provided if the Client, intentionally or not intentionally, cannot provide the required level of protection of his personal data, account, when the client voluntarily transmits any information that is closed and confidential to third parties.

3.1. The client is fully responsible for choosing the Company for the purpose of providing his invested funds and confirms that he is familiar with the risks associated with investing.

3.2. The client confirms his knowledge of the taxation of income received from the Company in the form of accrued interest and bears all risks and responsibility in this regard.

3.3. The company is responsible for using the amounts received from the Investor solely for the development of the business.

4.1. Any information about the financial position of the Parties and the terms of the Investment Agreement is considered confidential and not subject to disclosure. Other confidentiality conditions may be established at the request of either Party.

5.1. The parties are exempt from liability for partial or complete failure to fulfill obligations under the Investment Agreement if this failure was the result of force majeure circumstances (force majeure), i.e. extraordinary and insurmountable circumstances under the given conditions, in particular floods, earthquakes, other natural disasters or any other natural phenomena, epidemics, terrorist acts, hostilities, as well as changes in current legislation, the adoption of regulations of local authorities that make it impossible fulfillment by the Parties of their obligations. Appropriate proof of the existence of the above force majeure circumstances and their duration will be certificates issued by the competent authorities.

6.1. The company does not represent that the data provided in the form of content is important, complete, correct and / or fully and unconditionally confirmed by us. Before performing any financial transactions, read the contents of this section of these Rules.

6.2. The content of the site should not be construed as legal, insurance, tax or investment advice, appeals and / or suggestions. Any information contained on this site should not be construed as a recommendation of the Company or third parties.

6.3. The company undertakes to ensure the correct and uninterrupted operation of the site in accordance with these Rules.

6.4. In cases where the failure of the Company's Site was not caused by the Company and was not caused by unprofessional actions of employees, the Company is not responsible for the consequences, however, it guarantees the maximum possible complete restoration of the site and all its systems.

7.1. The parties will strive to resolve all possible disputes and disagreements that may arise under the Agreement or in connection with it, through negotiations.

8.1. These rules are available for free access to all visitors and clients of the project on the official website in the sections "Company Rules" and "Registration".

8.2. The parties acknowledge that these Rules are signed by a cooperation agreement, which is a fact of registration signed by the client, has bilateral legal force and cannot be challenged by third parties.

8.3. The Parties acknowledge and confirm that any cooperation between the Parties is in the nature of a private transaction, the details and conditions of which cannot be transferred to third parties.

8.4. The parties acknowledge and confirm that the use of client spam leads to the termination of this Agreement without the possibility of restoring the status quo.

8.5. All content on the Company's Website in full, including the "Investment Agreement", if necessary, in whole or in part (in the case of compliance with the new agreements reached, for example) automatically correlates with these Rules and is subject to compliance by the Parties in the same manner as the Rules.

9. Awareness of the risks
9.1. The Client acknowledges that investing funds involves certain risks, the responsibility for which cannot be assigned to the Company, since they are beyond the reasonable control of the Parties and their ability to foresee and prevent the consequences of such risks is limited. In this regard, the Client must independently evaluate the possibility of making his investments, while the Company will make every effort to help the Client reduce possible risks when investing funds.