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26 February 2022, 19:10
Important announcement!

Dear partners!

With pain in our hearts, we are now watching everything that is happening in Ukraine. Any war is a tragedy, pain and destruction. We will not make any political statements or take sides, but only note that the Edenlife7 company is a large, international family. Our employees and partners from different countries are a single team of professionals in our common cause who work as a well-coordinated team and achieve success. We are always and only for peace. However, in this frightening reality, it is very difficult to resist and continue to develop your business. But the head of Edenlife7, Elena Georgadze, and a group of our analysts are making every effort to adequately get out of this situation and maintain all the positions of our company.

At the moment, due to the instability of the financial market, we have suspended the possibility of exchanging currencies on our website. Also, due to the workload of payment gateways, transfers to bank cards may take a little longer than before. Everything else is working normally. We, like you, endlessly pray and hope for a favorable outcome for all parties to the current conflict. The planned opening of the company's representative office in Kyiv has been postponed, but we are confident that we will be able to implement our plan in the near future.

And finally, we want to say: nothing justifies the war, and there are no such words to express all the pain and horror of these days. Just like any sane person, we want an immediate end to these heinous acts. Peace to all of us.